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It's time to flip the script on how young cancer patients are portrayed on TV.

You're brave and angelic, they say. Certainly, the most popular boy in school will fall in love with us just before we ever so gently and beautifully pass away. Or, better yet, we're the side character, the distant friend, the one whose illness and subsequent death affects the main character's journey to becoming a better person. 

But what about us? What about the balding weirdo whose personality hasn't completely gone to mush because a piece of paper says we have a tumor the size of a grapefruit in our chest, when we were just trying to lose our virginity, or at the very least make it through finals.

This film is for us. Told by us. This film is for all the bad survivors out there, like me, disappointing people's expectations one eye roll at a time. ​

I am the writer, co-director, executive producer, and lead actor of BAD SURVIVOR, a narrative short film inspired by the true events of my very first day in cancer remission at 19-years-old.

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